10 Reasons Why Doctor Who Is Greatest TV Show In History

Actually I would have listed 784 reasons (the total number of episodes), but I think I may have bored you to death by then...

Throughout its 49 years, Doctor Who has thrived on our television screens, and it has enchanted millions of viewers. But what makes the show and its unique concept so great and for many of us, the greatest show in television history? This question cannot be tackled with just a one word, simple answer, but it has to be broken down, so here, I have created the beginners guide to Doctor Who by listing the top 10 reasons to why Doctor Who is such a brilliant show. Actually I would have listed 784 reasons (the total number of episodes), but I think I may have bored you to death by then. Alas, without further interruptions, and in no particular order, here are the top 10 reasons to why Doctor Who is such a continuing success;

10. The Many Faces of the Doctor

In 1966, Doctor Who had been on our screens for just three years, but the production team faced a big problem. William Hartnell (the actor who played the Doctor for the first time) was seriously ill and was forced to leave the show but this was at a time where re-castings weren't common place on television. It wasn't like today when actors seemingly frequently interchange at the whim of producers. Many in the production team thought the exit of Hartnell would mean the end for show. But in a rather ingenious move, one which was staggeringly simple but has allowed the universe to grow and expand its continuity for decades, was the idea of €˜Regeneration€™. Regeneration is a biological process that all Time Lords have adapted, and it is when a Time Lord€™s body is old or badly weakened but manages to repair itself, and receive a whole new body and a new face and a new personality. The "Regeneration' episodes have now become an event and are awfully handy if you didn€™t like a certain actor playing the Doctor, you could just wait for the next one to come along!

9. The Theme Tune

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CYDgezeQas Now you can sit there all you like and deny it, but one time in our life we have all found ourselves singing or humming the catchy Doctor Who theme tune, whether it was going down to the shop or waiting for the show to come on. Wherever you are, you cannot get the theme tune out of your head, because it is so memorable that even if you hear just one sound then you know what it is. Admit it, you are humming it right now!

8. The Action

Whilst watching Doctor Who, you feel like you are on a rollercoaster, you feel like the whole episode is building up to something huge, and there will be explosions and gunfire, all the good old fashioned components to make your heart race. I remember watching €˜The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe€™ (The 2011 Xmas Special), and the first moments were such a rush, you see a spaceship hovering over Earth and then next you see the Doctor blowing the spaceship up!

7. The Heart Breaking Moments

You didn€™t think that there was going to be so much action but no losses did you? With gunfire and explosions comes death and destruction. Throughout the many years Doctor Who has been on our screens, The Doctor has had to say goodbye to many of his friends, some have left; if he was lucky, but others have perished and died. For instance, take Sarah Jane Smith; I remember watching her final episode with the Doctor years ago in the episode €˜The Hand of Fear€™. She had an emotional ending that really tore at the heart strings because she was the most likeable character in the whole of the show at that time. Might I also spend this time to give my condolences to Elisabeth Sladen who sadly died last year whilst battling cancer, she will be dearly missed. Unlike Star Trek, characters in Doctor Who are under threat constantly and you are never certain they will make it out of every episode alive. We already know of a heart break to hit Amy and Rory in this new season. Get the tissues at the ready.

6. The Spin-offs

Now, I know what you€™re going to say, you are all going to say €˜That doesn€™t count!€™, but oh yes it does! Doctor Who€™s spin off shows bring in new audiences, for example, the first spin-off €˜Torchwood€™ is based in Cardiff on Earth and follows the many adventures that a team called €˜Torchwood€™ have, they€™re outside the government and they investigate Alien Life on Earth. This show appeals to a very older audience because it is somewhat more adult in nature, but it is still very thrilling. The other spin-off is €˜The Sarah-Jane Adventures€™ that follows the life of Sarah-Jane who used to travel with the Doctor, she has an alien computer and a robot dog called K-9. This appealed to a very young audience as it was broadcasted on CBBC. However, sadly their main star, €˜Elisabeth Sladen€™ sadly died recently; so there will be no more episodes created in the future.

5. The SFX

A big part of Doctor Who is the SFX; Doctor Who wouldn€™t be Doctor Who without it! The Special Effects team do a brilliant job on Doctor Who, they create monsters, explosions, etc, all the time, and they always manage to find a new way to fascinate us into how they made a certain scene. In the image that you can see above, it clearly shows Rory from an episode in Series 6 (Episode 7: A Good Man Goes to War), where the Doctor sent a message to the Cybermen by blowing up a whole Cyber-Legion. In all fairness, I thought this scene was quite funny.

4. The Romances

Some people may get annoyed with me here, because the element of romance has only been brought into the newer seasons of Doctor Who (including the Doctor Who Movie). In the Doctor Who movie called €˜Doctor Who: The Movie€™ (silly title I know), the movie broke the on-going taboo of the Doctor not having a romantic relationship with any of his companions, they were just friends to him. However, as you can see from the picture, the movie changed all of this and there have been a few romances that have occurred quite recently and in the not so distant past. The only way in which I think that this adds to make Doctor Who a brilliant programme is the simple idea that it will bring a wider female audience to watch the show.

3. The Companions

The Doctor acts like such a lonely man, but he has the biggest family in the world! Over the years, the Doctor has a had a tremendous amounts of companions accompany him in his TARDIS (not like that don€™t be rude), to travel the stars and breath new worlds with him. The companions have been quite different, some have been alien, some were homosexual, some were men, some were women, and one was even a robot dog! There was a companion for everyone€

2. Special Guest Stars

Throughout the years, every season of Doctor Who has brought a famous face that we all know, and they have then starred in an episode in Doctor Who. There has been Michael Gambon, David Walliams, Simon Pegg, John Simm and etc. Some have played aliens, some have played companion to the Doctor (Catherine Tate for example), but Doctor Who has a way to persuade famous faces to join the cast of Doctor Who. However, I also believe that Argus Filch from the €˜Harry Potter€™ Film Series and Inspector Lestrade from €˜Sherlock€™ are going to appear in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who in Series 7, so I am quite excited about that!

1. The Tardis

At last we come to the last segment of this Doctor Who article extravaganza. The last reason to why Doctor Who is the best programme in TV History is the TARDIS. The TARDIS is a machine that can travel anywhere in time and space, and it is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Looking at the TARDIS it is just a blue Police Phone box, which looks old, but when you go inside, you enter a whole new world. Each incarnation has had a different interior of the TARDIS more or less, and each is different in its own way. I believe the current TARDIS Interior was constructed and made in Bristol, did you know that? Sadly that is where I am going to have to leave this article; I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it, and I hope that to all non-Whovians I have convinced you to watch this brilliant programme.
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