10 Reasons Why The Boys Was Better As A TV Series

Amazon haven’t Butchered the source material - somehow they’ve made it even better.

Amazon Studios

"Why have average when you can have extraordinary?"

The Boys has finally hit the big time thanks to Amazon Studios and so far the consensus is very good, becoming one of the most watched shows on Amazon Prime in just over two weeks.

In a world where super-hero media is bordering on suffocating these days, it's quite refreshing to have a show that's not afraid to show that maybe having super-heroes in the real world would be a terrible, terrible idea. Instead of incorruptible paragons of justice, the super-heroes of The Boys are image-obsessed, spoilt celebrities with lamentable behaviour including exploding innocent civilians while on a bender, acts of bestiality and actual war-crimes, which is where our team of lovable(?) rouges comes in.

Based on the 2006-2012 comic series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the comic is somehow even more extreme than the show, with several key plot points being toned down or removed entirely.

While some removals are truly diabolical (Terror will always be the best boy in all fans' hearts), most of the changes to the source material benefit the show, and in some cases actually improve on the source material.

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