Daredevil: 10 Reasons Wilson Fisk Is The Best MCU Villain

8. People Fear Him

Fisk Prison

Wilson Fisk. Just two small words and one man's name, but which conjure different reactions in different people. To most of the small population who know his name, it's fear. Even though there are those close to him out of loyalty, there's a good chance even that is motivated by fear as well. Something which is hardly unique for a leader of organised crime, but which any other would have trouble matching. 

Having been passionately defended by Murdock, John Healy was later interrogated by his vigilante persona into giving up Wilson Fisk's name. Shortly after doing so he berated Murdock for not killing him, and with the help of a protruding fence post, promptly did the job himself. The reason being that a quick death (and possibly saving some honour) was better than the alternative. 

When getting to know mysterious characters who hide in the shadows, it is the reactions and opinions of others which help inform our own. Given that actions speak louder than words, those of Healy are absolutely deafening when describing just what sort of man Fisk really is. 

Not that we have to rely on his reputation alone, as just one episode later we are shown that people's fear of Fisk is extremely warranted. Something that Anatoly Ranskahov learnt at the cost of his own mistakes.


One man fate has made indescribable