10 Reasons You Should Watch Netflix's Kingdom

Could this be Netflix's (better) Game of Thrones?


Coming out swinging with that sweet sweet Netflix budget, South Korean genre-bending historical political drama and zombie horror action thriller "Kingdom (킹덤)" is a truly bingeable six-episode run, giving an audience everything they want and more, without feeling too rushed or crowded in its comfortable hour-long run time.

The show feels like Netflix's Game of Thrones, with its gorgeous visuals and costume design, fantastical world-building, and enthralling political intrigue, as well as its action and horrific walking (or in this case, running) dead elements. And though the zombies are a much more urgent threat in Kingdom than it is over GOT's many seasons, it's the political manoeuvring between powerful, class-divided characters that really lends the world its drama.

Unlike the HBO fantasy, however, this show is much closer to actual history, using elements of the Joseon Period, including a historical plague that wiped out tens of thousands of people in only ten days. The costume and set designs are all based on real historical clothing of the era, and the way the vibrant colours and unique shapes of traditional Korean clothing separate characters and classes elevate the show above and beyond most fantasy series running today.

In just six episodes, Kingdom proves to be one of Netflix's greatest shows, and while its status as a fully Korean-language (Don't Watch The English Dub) production may not appeal to some Western audiences, it's definitely a must-watch show that deserves way more attention than it's getting from North American viewership.


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