10 Reasons You Should Watch Netflix's Kingdom

10. The Story


For a show mixing so many genres, so much could have gone wrong with the story, but the tight, hour-long narratives running over six episodes gave the show the perfect pacing to tell its story without moving too fast or feeling too slow or stagnant.

Too often with certain Netflix shows, the number of episodes and their run times force writers into creating completely irrelevant side plots, or to stretch a basic plot too thin, ruining what could have been a perfectly told story with too much time. Kingdom circumvents this with its six, full-length episodes, each of which tell an exciting story, while still finding time to let quiet moments breathe, and let tensions rise with the expectation of coming danger.

The last episode twist leaves audiences hungering for more, with the action only just ramping up despite already making an exciting first season.

Another layer of what makes this show so good is the way the zombies aren't really about the zombies. As is tradition with these kinds of horror, the zombies represent a social ill—in this case, the class divide and hunger for power that caused the outbreak in the first place.


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