10 Reasons You're Not Fit To Call Yourself A Doctor Who Fan

You're worse than everybody's aunt!

Doctor Who. The epic tale of the precious Time Lord, sentential to the revolving Earth. The €œImperial Affliction€ to the dual-hearted and above all, the sci-fi legacy to end all legacies. Too bad the followers are a disappointment, then, isn't it? In the many years that you have been a fan of the series, Classic or NuWho, have any of you ever wondered what makes a Doctor Who fan a Whovian? Bits of metal junk, ludicrous withdrawal symptoms, insatiable cravings towards fish-custard and being insulted by just about everything€ you all know that. But what makes them an €œultimate fan€? Or rather, what does not make them an €œultimate fan€? To be honest, it€™s more than a few reasons, really. Well, more like 10. Yep. You can bring the whole fanbase down with just 10 reasons. If you€™ve been walking around this planet thinking you€™re a true Doctor Who fan, prepare to think differently because you€™re not. In fact, not only are you not fit to call yourself a Doctor Who fan, you€™re pretty mad about such a high degree of accusation. Moreover, you€™re probably skimming through ways of arguments about how it€™s unlike a true Doctor Who fan to actually use the term €œWhovian€, in which case, you may as well just drop this list because the ball is never in a million years coming back to your court! Don€™t worry, though. It€™s not all bad news. If you still have a jot of credibility with regards to your being a true Whovian, there€™s still time because you€™re only not a true Whovian when€

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