10 Scariest Sci-Fi TV Shows Of All Time

Science fiction often features big scares, which dominates some sci-fi series more than others.

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Science fiction is a much bigger umbrella than people think it is. It can be smart or silly, funny or scary, but it's always interesting. But some sci-fi series are at their absolute best when they lean into the scary side of the line. Well, they are fear inducing at the very least. It gives old science fiction tropes new life.

Being scary doesn't necessarily equal horror, though that certainly doesn't hurt. Watching a movie like Event Horizon can give you a clear idea of what it looks like when horror and science fiction cross paths. That movie was like Hellraiser and Star Trek had a baby, specifically Rosemary's baby. They get weird and freaky quite quickly, and not always in an expected way.

Scary science fiction has taken a lot of forms on TV over the years, from unsettling all the way to outright fear inducing. No matter what, these series still had engaging characters and addictive stories. Oddly enough, the scary moments make the science fiction aspects of each series pop that much more. Combining scares and sci-fi can sure make things different.

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