10 Scariest Sci-Fi TV Shows Of All Time

10. Utopia

Channel 4

British TV series being adapted into American versions have become so commonplace that American fans have just started assuming new shows originally aired in the UK. This was certainly the case with Utopia, which took a few years to be translated for American and Australian audiences.

A group of friends believe that a graphic novel predicted several catastrophes, and have gone in search of the script for the second volume. They find it, then find themselves being hunted by The Network. This group chases the friends, tearing their lives apart to protect their own plans and secrets.

The current version of Utopia debuted during the pandemic, which is either excellent or terrible timing depending on your point of view. Being that Utopia is largely about a conspiracy revolving around a pandemic, it really ended up with a "too real" vibe to it, which just made it that much freakier to watch.

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