10 Scariest Stargate Episodes Ever

When venturing through the event horizon, you never truly know what horrors are waiting for you.

Stargate Atlantis Instinct

The Stargate franchise is one of sci-fi’s greatest entities. The main show, SG-1, follows the events after the Stargate movie of 1994.

While both the initial show and that '94 picture weren’t exactly immediate hits, Stargate SG-1 slowly built up a dedicated fan base and stands as the sixth longest-running television show of all time, just below the likes of Smallville and The X-Files. Likewise, Stargate’s first spinoff series, Stargate Atlantis, became a fan favorite show, achieving the same amount of success as SG-1 in a much shorter amount of time.

Episodes of Stargate usually tend to blend a perfect amount of sci-fi drama, witty comedy and decent action scenes, and the occasional sense of terror. Stargate isn’t particularly known for being terribly scary, though when they delve into the horror genre, the property has given its fans quite a few episodes to make them hide under their covers and quiver in fear.

The following are some of the scariest episodes from the wider Stargate realm of shows, including some picks from Stargate Atlantis and, yes, even some terrors from Stargate Universe.

10. Stargate Season 4 Episode 1: Small Victories

Stargate Atlantis Instinct
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The first season of season four of Stargate involves a follow-up to the previous season finale, which saw the supposed defeat of the near-unstoppable ever replicating mechanical army called the Replicators.

The Replicators are basically magnetic LEGO bricks gone horrifically wrong, and not only lead to the destruction of the Ancients, but also the technologically advanced Asgardians. A single piece of a Replicator that survived the destruction of Thor's ship (yes, THAT Thor) has found its way into a Russian submarine.

The Replicator then began doing what it does best and tore the ship apart, creating a whole generation of unstoppable killing machines made of submarine parts.

Though the episode mostly consists of sci-fi space battles between CGI armies, the scenes with the Replicators killing their human victims in horrific fashion can be quite terrifying. Especially since the Replicators have a constant, iconic clanging sound they make when they march towards their foe, which only gets more terrifying the louder it gets.

Mix that with the screams of defenseless humans and you have yet another great sign not to truly trust Siri with all the details about your life.


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