10 Sci-Fi TV Series That Deserve A Second Chance

Maybe Fringe deserves another look...


Fans of science fiction television are living in a golden age. Not only are there an ever increasing number of new shows to choose from, streaming services have made accessing old school series easier than ever. Getting the chance to re-watch a forgotten favorite or track down a show you've seen ten times all the way through and can't wait to watch again is outstanding.

But in this era of reboots and new seasons, some of those series deserve a second chance to entertain fans.

The rebooted Battlestar Galactica was popular with fans of the original series as well as bringing in an entirely new generation of viewers. Star Trek: Picard continues the adventures of one of the most popular characters the franchise has ever produced, decades after he was supposed to retire.

Franchises like the two just mentioned plus Star Wars and Doctor Who keep finding new ways to reinvent themselves to stay relevant. They're not the only ones that deserve that opportunity. There is an almost endless supply of SciFi TV series that are more than worthy of similar opportunities to reach new fans.

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