10 Sci-Fi TV Shows That Wasted Incredible Characters

When Sci-Fi TV Shows Sqaunder Incredible Characters.


TV has spent a long time living in the shadow of its older and more successful sibling, the motion picture.

However, in recent years, TV shows have been transformed from mind-numbing channel-surfing drudgery to remarkably deep, rich stories that are able to dedicate much more time to their characters and storylines.

One aspect that sets television apart from film is the longer overall run-time involved when watching the latest season of your favourite show. Spending 10 hours or so watching the twists and turns of a narrative unfold gives us time to build relationships with the characters and begin to feel as though they're a real part of our lives.

Believe it or not, this attachment to TV characters isn't always a good thing. While shows like Game of Thrones spent years taking pride in brutally murdering our favourite characters, there are also a slew of times in which an interesting, promising or otherwise brilliant character was simply wasted.

This might be that they were written out too early, given a storyline that was far less than they deserved, or maybe just weren't given enough screen-time - but no matter how you slice it, these characters were truly wasted.

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