10 Sci-Fi TV Shows We'll Be Glued To This Year

10. Stranger Things


While the quality of the Netflix's Stranger Things has been a rollercoaster ride even for the most ardent fan, the combination of Goonies-style kid-led adventure with some truly creepy monsters and a nicely simplified look at pocket (very much not parallel) universes has been a winning formula.

When the show ended its third season, poor Will Byers was finding his friends had started to grow beyond him, Eleven was infected by the Mind Flayer and had lost her powers as a result, and everyone's favourite grumpy copper Jim Hopper had bravely sacrificed himself right next to a portal to another world.

Despite the final moments of the series showing us that the Russians were experimenting with a gateway to the other world and had an American prisoner, the recent trailer had a "shocking" reveal that Hopper was still alive and somehow a prisoner in a snowy area guarded by Russian-looking fellows.

How will he escape? Will the threat from the Russian gateway to the Upside Down affect Hawkins, Indiana? How will the currently stateside kids play into a seemingly Russian story? We'll find out when we binge every episode the moment they drop.


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