10 Shocking Scenes That Prove TV Has Gone Too Far

Porn? Human anatomy? Television?.. Who can tell the difference anymore?


Skilled actors, creative writers, and talented directors are taking TV further and further by the year, as viewers are being given a raw, realistic view on different eras and global situations they will never get the opportunity to see in real life. Detailed looks into every day life, into death, and the borders of good and evil, are all only some of the themes presented in some of the most popular shows of the 21st century.

With increasing popularity, cable networks are growing at an alarming speed. Part of this popularity comes through the borderless content, as what is allowed to be shown on cable channels is very loosely regulated, making many TV series today surprisingly graphic in aspects of violence, sex, murder, and crime.

For the most part, viewers enjoy such shows as they are realistic and show how bad and ugly the world can really be. But some series have, at times, taken the freedom they enjoy for granted, and shown scenes and situations that many viewers believe shouldn’t be allowed on the screen.

Nowadays, things are getting more and more out of hand as series show brutal murders and graphic sex scenes in almost every episode they produce. They're pushing boundaries, and sometimes (like in these cases), they go too far.


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