10 Signs You Know Way Too Much About Jackass

When it comes to a show like Jackass, how much is too much?


Jackass is one of those shows that is either highly entertaining or highly offensive, depending on your personal outlook on life.

For better or worse, this show built the careers of several notable talents. Johnny Knoxville in particular has maintained a solid film career for himself over the years.

For those people who are fans, the cult classic franchise has become an absolute obsession. TV series. Movies. Spin off series. There's a ton of Jackass and Jackass adjacent content to obsess over.

But what are the warning signs that you know just a little bit too much about the Jackass universe?

10. You Know That All These Guys Weren't Friends Growing Up

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It would be natural to assume that this show was put together by childhood friends and you would be wrong. The concept was developed by Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze and Johnny Knoxville, who had only recently moved to Los Angeles.

Some of the guys who would eventually be part of the Jackass crew worked on a skate magazine Tremaine edited called Big Brother. Others, like Preston Lacy, were straight up cast for the series.

Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn and their crew were from Connecticut. They produced their own stunt and prank videos that caught the eye of Tremaine. He brought Bam's crew in using segments from those videos on the Jackass series and content filmed in Connecticut.

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