10 Sketchiest TV Businesspeople Of All Time

Sketchy businesspeople fill a lot of roles on TV but some are better than others.


TV shows need interesting characters to drive them forward, regardless of whether their dramas or comedies. Every show needs protagonists and antagonists to build the narrative around. A favorite of TV writers are different types of businesspeople.

It's a versatile character type that can fill a variety of roles. They can be good guys, bad guys, comic relief and anything in between. It all depends how they're written and who plays them.

When you're looking for a truly great sketchy businessperson character, success isn't a necessity at all. In fact, being failures actually makes them work that much better on screen. A great sketchy businessperson is treacherous, duplicitous and selfish beyond belief.

At the same time, these characters have the capability to do good things to help people around them, and are often quite endearing in their own way. They can be good guys or bad guys but are often at their best when they're comic relief. On many shows, the best jokes frequently get made by sketchy businesspeople.

No matter where they pop up, these are some of the most memorable characters you're going to run into.


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