10 Small Details You Only Learn Rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine

8. Holt Loves Tan

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In yet another loveable moment where the show producers paid particular attention to the whimsy of Holt, season 3 episode 18 - also known as Cheddar - sees the Captain carrying his luggage in the airport, which is all a likely fairly hard to buy tan colour.

While this may not immediately seem like a glorious moment, it's especially funny to anyone getting in their comedy binge, as the episode before Captain Holt mentions that his favourite colour is tan. The moment appears like many of the jokes revolving around the uber-serious individual - where is isn't clear if Holt is actively messing with everyone, or whether he's being serious about his love of generally boring concepts.

It's a small detail, but one that fleshes out the characters and makes the world feel all the more real. After all, now we know the Captain likes the colour tan enough that he spent possibly a large amount of time hunting down suitcases in this elusive colour. And while it's probably better we didn't witness that bore fest, it's nice to know it happened all the same.


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