10 Small Details You Only Notice Rewatching Dexter

What are the killer hints and subtle foreshadowing that only seem obvious on a second viewing?


Dexter was a TV series that ran for eight seasons between 2006 and 2013. With the character and original concept based off a novel by Jeffry P. Freundlich (under the pen-name Jeff Lindsay), the series garnered praise throughout most of its run with a few notably poorly-received seasons sprinkled in.

The series follows Dexter Morgan, a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department who is also a serial killer. The entire premise is that he kills only those who deserve death, channelling his urges (which he refers to as the "Dark Passenger") into something that could be construed as useful to society instead of harmful.

While it should be obvious, from here on out there will be heavy spoilers for plot points throughout the entire series as these are in no particular order of significance or chronology. If you have any intention of watching the series and haven't done so yet, please don't read any further.

Whether the series should have ended before it did - or what should have been changed about that final episode - is not what we are going to look at. Instead, we'll try and find the small details that the show put throughout all eight seasons that we probably didn't pick up on first time round.

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