10 Small Details You Only Notice Rewatching Supernatural

9. Fake Identities

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Sam and Dean have a few reliable tricks up their sleeves when it comes to getting information for hunting down monsters. One of these is to disguise themselves as FBI Agents. However, the fake names they give are often jokes or references.

Musicians are always a popular gag, with Sam and Dean giving the aliases: Scholz and Delp - referencing the band Boston; Berry and Charles - i.e. Chuck Berry, Page and Plant - like the guitarist and lead singer from Led Zeppelin; Moon and Entwistle - from The Who; or even Spears and Aguilera - ie Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Other times, the names reference popular fiction, like Stark and Martell - referencing the Game of Thrones houses "House of Stark" and "House of Martell" or Stark and Banner- for the superheros Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk.

While, fans often catch at least some of the fake identities they use, it would be hard to catch them all in a first watching. There have been over 100 episodes that feature Sam and/or Dean giving false names.


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