10 Star Trek Episodes That Deserved To Become Classics (But Didn't)

9. Where No One Has Gone Before

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In many ways Where No One Has Gone Before is some of the purest Star Trek that has ever been committed to screen. The farthest frontiers of exploration, both of space and of the human capacity for potential, are on show - the episode suffering somewhat from its arrival in The Next Generation's first season.

Kosinsky and The Traveller, Wesley Crusher, and Picard's mother - this episode has a lot to digest, with the latter scene hitting even deeper after the airing of Star Trek: Picard's second season.

Truly, it's Wesley's story that makes the episode stand out as much as it does. While some of Wesley's earliest episodes were a little too heavy-handed when it came to 'Wunderkind saves the day', this felt like the perfect balance. Via The Traveller, Wesley's potential is on show as the Enterprise is brought to the far end of the universe, then back again. While this was personified in Wesley himself, it is truly humanity's potential on show - something Roddenberry had espoused from Star Trek's first days. It was a bold episode for the show's early years and is one that deserves a reappraisal in the years that have gone by.

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