10 Star Trek Episodes That PISSED People Off

Star Trek has never been afraid to court controversy - here are 10 examples of some of the biggest!


Star Trek has, from time to time, produced episodes that are heartwarming and uplifting. There have been episodes that show the lighter side of the future, from friendships to love stories to even the bond between person and ship.

This is not that list.

Gene Roddenberry knew exactly what he was doing when he set out to create his show, to tell morality plays on a weekly basis, reflecting the wrongs he saw in society back on the audience that was watching. For many, many years, Star Trek has never been afraid to tackle some of the deeper and darker aspects of the world around it.

There are times when these attempts have been met with contempt by an audience that wasn't always ready for them. George Takei spoke recently during the Star Trek Day panel that Roddenberry may have been a pioneer, but he also was very aware he needed to continue having a career to be able to tell these stories.

This points on this list refer to episodes that have been released and, for one reason or another, have drawn the ire of a section of the viewing audience, beginning with one of the biggest examples of this.

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