10 Star Trek Episodes You Love To Hate

9. Precious Cargo

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Precious Cargo is an almost straight remake of The Perfect Mate, although it's a far inferior copy. Think of it as the B-4 to Mate's Data - it just isn't as good, and it's never going to be. So, what is it doing on this list?

Connor Trinneer and Padma Lakshmi have a strange, funny, volatile relationship in the episode that somehow makes this dreadful script work. While this hour of Star Trek is definitely a candidate for the old saying 'Great actors can't save a bad script', just watching the two of them play off each other helps to bring a bit of charm to proceedings.

Having said that, Lakshmi, with all due respect, is not a great actor here. The weight falls mostly on Trinneer to carry the plot, and there are some moments where she becomes a little grating. Hardly her fault - the character description is 'be entitled.' But the respect that grows between them is actually quite endearing, and by the episode's end, the audience can almost believe that they really would come to fancy each other.

The episode is awful, but it's the kind of awful that gets a little better on the rewatch.

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