10 Star Trek: Voyager Episodes That Were Almost Completely Different

7. The Raven

Star Trek Voyager Fake

The original idea for The Raven, according to then-freelance writer, and future Star Trek: Discovery showrunner before the first season's release, was very different from the episode that delivered. While the one that was offered to audiences saw one or two of Seven's Borg programs coming back online, thanks to an old beacon waking them up, there is a largely non-violent presentation.

The original idea was far, far more bloody.

In this script, Seven was again reawakened by the Borg, but in this version, she becomes a vengeful drone. She moves through the ship, killing crew and aliens at random, before ending up in engineering. There, she is dragging herself across the deck, as Torres has blown her legs off, and though she is trying to destroy the ship, she begs Janeway to kill her, so as to save them all.

Suffice it to say, that script didn't go very far. Brannon Braga described it as an empty, soulless piece of action, one that neither pushed the characters onward, nor helped anyone learn anything about themselves. It was quickly scrapped, with the newer, toned down script taking its place.

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