10 Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters Who Deserve A Second Chance On Disney+

The now defunct Star Wars Expanded Universe is filled with great characters who should return.

Star Wars Expanded Universe

As the Star Wars media empire grew over the years, an vast interconnecting web of stories grew. Primarily done through comics and novels, the Expanded Universe built a massive narrative that fleshed out Star Wars on a much grander scale than a lot of fans even knew.

If you didn't read those comics and novels, you certainly missed out on some amazing stories, as well as the full force of what Star Wars had to offer. When Disney took over LucasFilm, the Expanded Universe was put out to pasture. All that was left standing was the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy and the animated series, The Clone Wars.

The fans who never got into the Expanded Universe didn't notice a difference. But for the fans who did religiously and obsessively consume every aspect of Star Wars, it was an extremely bitter pill to swallow. More recently, Disney and LucasFilm started combing the old Expanded Universe for ideas for their new one.

Specifically, they repurposed Grand Admiral Thrawn as a villain on the series Star Wars: Rebels. He was an absolute fan favorite, and was used to perfection in the animated series. Thrawn isn't the only Expanded Universe character who deserves another chance under the banner of Disney and LucasFilm.

10. Vima Da Boda

Star Wars Expanded Universe

A legacy character of the highest order, Vima Da Boda's family line goes all the way back to the legendary Jedi, Nomi Sunrider. Vima lost her daughter to the Dark Side, then almost lost herself to her lust of vengeance. Over time, her connection to the Force decreased, but did not fade away. It may have actually helped her survive.

Hiding from Order 66 on the streets of Nar Shadda, she met a young Han Solo and spoke to him of his future with the Rebellion. Later on, Han would return to Nar Shadda with a pregnant Leia Organa Solo in tow. There, she met Vima who gave the neophyte Jedi her first lightsaber and eventually became Leia's master.

Originally, Vima played a key role in helping Luke rebuild the Jedi Order in the wake of the purge. Much of the history she was a part of was lost when the Expanded Universe was exorcized but she could still play a role in the new continuity. Vima is an unassuming but important character.

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