10 Stars Who Appeared On Roseanne

Roseanne-Dan-roseanne-11819 The nineties were a great decade for television. Whether they be sitcoms, animated programming, or science fiction dramas the television shows of the nineties all had a certain flair that made them unique to the decade in which they thrived. One such show was Roseanne - a sitcom that transcended traditional genres with its wisecracking family thrown into a series of dramatic situations. There is much to praise when it comes to Roseanne whether it be the annual amazing Halloween specials or the way it worked social issues such as various human rights into its comedy. In its later seasons, the show also had its share of guest stars. While a few of the many stars to appear on the show were well-known at the time - hence their being chosen as special guest stars - many others were just getting their start in the business. As such, they were often reduced to minor roles even as minimal as simply appearing as an extra. Maybe you caught them on subsequent viewings but just in case you haven't here are ten stars who appeared on Roseanne.
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