10 Stars Who Appeared On Roseanne

10. Bruce Willis

By the time the late eighties rolled around action hunk Bruce Willis was already well-known for his role in television charmer Moonlighting. It seems he did a bit of moonlighting off-set as well, however, as during the end credits of episode twenty-two from the first season Mr. Willis appears in place of John Goodman when Roseanne calls out for her husband. The two share a brief - and totally impromptu - moment together in bed. Of course, this all happens during the closing credits; it's only but a short moment that one would miss if they ceased to pay attention following the end of the episode and bears no importance to the overall plot. In fact, it exists outside of continuity. For those that may think it odd that Bruce Willis would randomly show up to share a moment with Roseanne just check out the films in the Look Who's Talking series. Both Willis and Roseanne provided their voices for the film so it isn't too strange that they would be more than mere acquaintances. At this point and time Roseanne was still in its first season and therefore not nearly as popular as it would soon become. Having friends like Bruce Willis to stop on set surely didn't hurt in the ratings race.
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