10 Supporting TV Characters That Completely Stole The Spotlight

Sawyer wasn't just a scene-stealer, he should have been the star.

Sawyer Lost

It usually goes without saying that the main characters in television shows are supposed to be the ones that lead the story. By virtue of being called "main", they are the centre of the action and the focus of everybody else. Therefore, it stands to reason that is extremely important to have your main character the best that they can be. They need to be acted well, developed well, likeable and in some way charming, at the very least.

However, not all main characters have what it takes. Yes, some end up pushed to the side while the support acts steal the limelight, thus making the main character somewhat unlikeable.

Supporting characters also have the power to make or break a television show. "Make" in terms of audience viewers, but "break" in terms of the main character's ego.

10. Bronn - Game Of Thrones

Sawyer Lost

Game of Thrones isn't supposed to have main characters, especially when you look at the books, however, as the series went on, it became clear who the central figures were and who would become the bystanders. *COUGH JON COUGH*.

As a result, there were many supporting characters, some of whom were great, some of them not so great and some of them really really really really amazing.

Because Game of Thrones did wonders when it came to sidekicks and Bronn of the Blackwater was one of the most well-liked supporting characters of the show for good reason.

Bronn was neither good nor bad, mostly playing the Great Game to his own ends, which made him extremely likeable. He was also funny, selfish and mainly did things that would benefit him. His honest nature was refreshing in a show that either consisted of awful human beings who did the worst things possible or annoying do-gooders.

Aided by an incredibly charming, bristling performance by Jerome Flynn, he was one of the show's absolute standouts.

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