10 Supporting TV Characters That Completely Stole The Spotlight

9. Poussey Washington - Orange Is The New Black


When Orange Is the New Black started, the show centred around the blonde and conventionally attractive Piper Chapman. It was rumored that the writers did this so the show would be picked up, as unconventional leading characters had a habit of being overlooked.

But then as the show went on, the supporting characters began to get more popular. Piper was relegated to the backseat and the writers managed to prove that audiences wanted to see different representations on screen and not just blonde, white women.

Poussey Washington quickly became a fan favorite, mostly due to her friendship with the eventual main character, Taystee, as well as her on-screen romances with the other women.

Sadly, Poussey was eventually killed off in a decision that angered a lot of fans but also highlighted some of the major issues in prison today, something that didn't go unnoticed.

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