10 Supporting TV Characters That Completely Stole The Spotlight

2. Spike - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Buffy was great, Sarah Michelle Gellar was great, but it was the rest of the cast that really stole the show, Spike (James Marsters) in particular.

Spike went from the actually pretty scary vampire who would occasionally pop up now and again to the actually rather loveable leading man who was still a bit of an idiot. Spike was also funny, which was welcoming when compared to Angel who was drier than a sheet of sandpaper.

However, despite Spike's fan following, show writers were still obsessed with putting together Buffy and Angel, even though Buffy and Spike had better chemistry.

Sure Angel was handsome, and yeah maybe he had a good heart (sometimes) but Spike had the best character development of all the characters in the show and even ended up saving the world a few times!

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