10 Television Character Pairs Who Need To Meet Each Other

charmedoneswillow Do you ever watch your favourite TV shows and imagine characters from different series meeting each other? I know I do, quite often in fact. And I imagine the consequences in some cases would be fantastic. Whether it's because the characters could benefit from meeting each other, whether it's because the interactions would be interesting, or whether it's because seeing them meet would just be downright hilarious, imagining your favourite characters crossing paths is a wonderful thing. With that in mind, here are ten pairs of television characters who need (or needed, if they're dead or discontinued, for example) to meet each other...

Honourable Mention: David Brent (The Office U.K.) & Michael Scott (The Office U.S.)

Brent Soctt This only gets an honourable mention on the basis that it's actually already happened, but needs to happen again, because these two self-absorbed, cringe-worthy, but downright hilarious characters are a match made in heaven. Here is their previous meeting: Now on to the actual list...

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