10 Terrible CGI Moments That Almost Ruined The Walking Dead

1. The Deer

When it came to examples of bad CGI in The Walking Dead, nothing was ever going to beat the infamous deer from season 7. Becoming a meme overnight, the CGI animal was downright cringeworthy, exacerbated by the shots where the filmmakers actually used a real-life deer, making their digital version look even worse.

Again, the show had previously proven how it can create lifelike animals by brilliantly bringing Shiva to life - but the producers must have blown the whole effects budget on that character to excuse having a CGI creation like this which literally emanated its awfulness every time it was onscreen.

Even worse, the terrible effect was supposed to have a deep thematic purpose and be a poignant image - but all it left viewers complementing was how this scene ever made it through quality control and onto television.

The CG wouldn't be excusable if this was a student project, but The Walking Dead is easily one of the biggest shows in the world at the moment (well, maybe not after the first half of season 8), and to anchor so much significance onto a digital animal which looks that bad, is indicative of how lax and sloppy the show has become.

Any more instances of terrible CGI on TWD you think should be here? Let us know down in the comments.


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