10 The Simpsons Episodes That PISSED People Off

They can't all be 'Homer's Enemy' or 'Who Shot Mr. Burns?'

Every Man's Dream The Simpsons
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There are very few TV shows, if any, that can say they have enjoyed the same success that The Simpsons has. It has been on air consistently, spanning across five decades, has won multiple awards, and is a household name across the world. When it was at its best, there was nothing quite like The Simpsons.

However, many TV shows suffer from outstaying their welcome, and The Simpsons is certainly counted among them. With the unprecedented longevity of the show has come one of the most famous falls from grace any show in the history of TV has suffered. And you thought Game of Thrones was bad.

While casual viewers of The Simpsons may have simply stopped watching as time has gone on, there are still fans of the show from when it was at its best throughout the 1990's, and still find themselves annoyed and upset with what was once the best show on TV.

There are levels to this however. It is one thing to be unhappy with a decline in quality, but there are some episodes over the years that have pissed fans off like never before. From lazy writing, to changing characters and responding to controversy, to say that The Simpsons released these ten episodes to a hostile fan base would be a huge understatement.

10. All Singing, All Dancing (S9 E12)

Every Man's Dream The Simpsons

The Simpsons has done its fair share of clip shows in its time, and while none were well received, as no clip show should ever be, there is one that stands out above the others as particularly disappointing. In season nine, the writers not only decided against a real story, they decided to bring the dreaded clip show in song form.

In fairness, The Simpsons has featured some genuinely fantastic songs over the years, and some of the best were showcased in this episode. Baby on Board, Spring in Springfield, See My Vest, Monorail, and We Do are all more than deserving of love and acclaim, but fans didn't need to see them all one after another.

There were also several clear omissions if the writers were trying to put together the best of the musical hits from the previous nine years. Where was Talkin' Softball, Dr. Zaius, and any of the songs sung by original creation Shary Bobbins?

Even the story in between the clips was poor, as Snake tried to rob a family before bailing due to their singing, eventually coming back yet again. There isn't a single one of The Simpsons' lazy clip shows that is worth rewatching, but this one was the worst of the lot, as demonstrated by its rating of 5.0 on IMDb, placing it among the ten lowest rated episodes in the show's history.

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