10 Things Angel Did Better Than Any Other Show

It's been off our screens a while now, but it's left a standard many shows have failed live up to.

There are few spin-offs that are able to reach the same heights as its predecessor. There are even fewer that are able to get out from under the shadow of its parent show and surpass it completely. 'Angel' is one of those shows. Running for five seasons on The WB from 1999 to 2004, 'Angel' quickly set itself apart from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' by being a more mature, adult-themed, supernatural show. Unlike 'Buffy', however, whose later seasons left something to be desired, 'Angel' only got better as time went on. And yet, it never gets the accolades it so clearly deserves. Despite being one of those shows that is constantly bandied about on "Best Of" Lists, especially in regards to its series finale, most people never give the show a proper chance and overlook it, either because of its title or its premise. Now, while both do make the show seem a little hokey, it's so much more than what it appears to be at first glance. Melding many different elements from multiple genres, the show was able to effectively balance action, drama, romance and mystery into a singular hour that was equally adept at making you laugh or cry, while still leaving you unmistakably entertained. And so, this list hopes to rectify the common misconceptions about the show and point out just some of the things that 'Angel' does better than any other show on television, past or present. Please be warned, there are some light SPOILERS sprinkled throughout. Let's go to work.
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