10 Things Angel Did Better Than Any Other Show

10. Pacing

'Angel' had a really great way of introducing new characters, who would eventually join the main cast. In the twentieth episode of the first three seasons, Gunn, Fred and Connor would each get a three-episode "origin" arc to introduce their characters. These little mini-arcs not only allowed the audience to meet the new characters and get acquainted with them before they became regular fixtures on the show, but it also allowed the writers time to figure out how to utilize them, going forward, and the actors portraying them to get comfortable with their role, as opposed to just throwing them in there in between seasons to shake up the dynamics when the show returns from the summer break. Plus, it sort of gives the viewers a sense of accomplishment right at the beginning of every season. In most RPG games, one of the best feelings is whenever a player gets another character to control. No matter what the circumstances, it's always fun to see someone new joining your quest. And that feeling is exceptionally replicated whenever a new season of 'Angel' would start with an updated intro, sporting a new addition to the opening credits. It was always instantly gratifying to see The Fang Gang gain a new ally. No other show takes the time and effort to introduce new characters the way 'Angel' did. That sense of pacing also translated to their story lines. Each season got progressively more serialised as the show went on, while still providing a few standalone episodes to give audiences a breather between the more intense episodes. This ensured that each story got its due, without constantly bombarding viewers with an overload of information in every episode. Everything had its time and place, nothing felt rushed, and 'Angel' couldn't be pinned down as either a purely procedural or purely serialised show. It handled both types of storytelling deftly and changed as the show went on. Evolving, along with the characters, as good shows do.
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