10 Things You Need To Know About The Constantine Reboot

Everything we know so far about the chain-smoking, wise-cracking, demon slayer's rebirth...

Thanks to a script leak (via Shock Till You Drop) for the upcoming pilot for NBC's take on fan-favourite DC Comics character John Constantine, we now know a little about what to expect from the second attempt to bring Constantine to the screen. Since appearing with an unfamiliar Californian surfer drawl, and dark hair in the hugely disappointing movie adaptation that cast Keanu Reeves as the traditionally golden haired demon slayer from Liverpool (who was designed to look like Sting, rather than Theodore Logan grown up) the character has been spoken of in the same hushed tones as The Punisher, Preacher and to a lesser degree Spawn. Surely someone, somewhere would realise the potential of bringing the character to life on screen, even with the sins of the first attempt? And realise they did, as David Goyer and Daniel Cerone have penned the pilot to be directed by Game Of Thrones' Neil Marshall, and starring Matt Ryan as the eponymous supernatural investigator, with support from Lucy Griffiths, Harold Perrineau and Charles Hafford. The major concerns for the show stem largely from the Reeves version, but there's also a faint whiff of skepticism that NBC will merely add Sleepy Hollow and Supernatural together with some echoes of Buffy and Angel and there'll be very little of the source in there other than the name and the blonde hair, which would lead to similar frustrations that the movie inspired in fans of the comics. But then NBC aren't only making Constantine for those fans, and it's very obvious from the script leak (according to STYD) that the show is looking to capitalise on Sleepy Hollow's success, with a "playful edge."

10. It's Set In New York

Somewhat inevitably, the pilot ignores the source's London setting for the more US-friendly New York City. According to an earlier leak to Bleeding Cool, which trumped STYD on a number of the revelations, including the setting, some scenes are set to take place in the Ravenscar Psychiatric Hospital, the UK-based venue from the comics, which has been transposed to the American city for the purpose of the show (and presumably to cut down on commuting). Though primarily set in New York, if it is commissioned, the show could take temporary trips away from the city for special episodes, but the main focus will be the city, which fits somewhat with Constantine's notorious attitude. There's something pleasant in the idea of his cynicism being ported into the New York setting for a clash of two very different types of cynicism.

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