10 Things Netflix’s Ted Bundy Documentary Left Out

10. His Dramatic Upbringing

Ted Bundy Netflix

Director Joe Berlinger did start off his docuseries by briefly showing some snaps of Ted Bundy as a youngster. Some family shots make up the bulk of this intro, and there's even some discussion about how Ted liked to be the centre of attention. Then, all too suddenly, focus shifts to Stephen Michaud's interviews on death row.

It's all a bit rushed.

Bundy's upbringing should have had a bit more screen time. Maybe the directors felt uncomfortable with the mysterious circumstances surrounding his father, but they should've at least attempted to weave his troubled start into the narrative and how it shaped his relationship with Louise, his mother.

There are rumours Ted was fathered by an unknown sailor called Jack Worthington that Louise met, an Air Force vet named Lloyd Marshall and even by his mother's own abusive father Samuel Cowell. All of that deserved more attention than Berlinger was willing to give.

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