10 Things Superman & Lois Has To Get Right

Can this superhero TV show succeed where others have failed?

Crisis On Infinite Earths Superman
The CW

As soon as Tyler Hoechelin burst onto the scene with his explosive entrance in Supergirl season 2, it was only a matter of time until the Big Blue Boy Scout would get his own television show.

Now, fast forward four years later and Clark Kent is set to appear in his own Arrowverse spin-off show alongside his ace reporter wife. Following the cancellation of Supergirl, we will be following the adventures of her more famous cousin, as we’ve only ever seen him as a guest star in the crossovers.

We now have the chance to spend more time in Metropolis with all the classic Superman characters, and a few extra add-ons to spice up the new take on the Man of Tomorrow.

However, the question is, how do you make this version of the character different from the others? Can this iteration of the Man of Tomorrow stand the test of time, and take its place as one of the more iconic depictions of Clark Kent? I’m no Greg Berlanti, but maybe following these tips would be a step in the right direction for creating a Superman show like no other.

10. Scrap The Immaturity

Crisis On Infinite Earths Superman
The CW

If there’s one thing that The CW (the television network that develops the Arrowverse) is known for it's their tendency to show the problems with young relationships. The will they won’t they dynamic of Mon-El and Kara Zor-El. The unrequited love story of Barry Allen and Iris West. Or the rocky relationship of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. No matter who you pick, you can’t deny that the developers of these shows love to shove a little bit of high school romance in for good measure.

This iteration of Lois and Clark are older, not to mention more mature than the other versions that have come before. There are other forms of entertainment rather than shallow love stories that are painfully formulaic to watch.

Rather than focusing on the way that Clark effects Lois, focus on the way that Clark effects the people around him, on his quest to carry on the mission of spreading hope, whether that be in or out of the red and blue tights.

Even if you do give a younger character a love story, you wouldn’t want to watch another episode of Smallville with it’s teenage love stories for five seasons. It’s better to do something different rather than trying to remake the wheel for the 20th time.


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