10 Things The Wire Fans Couldn’t Get Enough Of

From Omar to Avon, Bubs to Bunk, what was it about the Wire that fans loved so dearly?

Omar, The Wire

David Simon's immaculate HBO series spanned five glorious seasons, each crafting stories delivered from a different perspective surrounding Baltimore and its plight.

The Wire painted a detailed, illuminating picture of what life was like on the streets, with a staggeringly diverse, rich range of characters and interwoven story arcs. With a wealth of angles to follow, the show rewarded fans who paid close attention. A thorough portrayal of the parallels between the murky lines of good and evil, the series explores just how different society is from top to bottom.

Devoted fans of the show will religiously laud the fantastic writing, and will continue to preach about the endless slew of details you can only catch upon re-watching the series. With its breathtaking realism and attention to detail, fans love how authentic the experience is, often using the show as a means of education. Even more endearing is that while critically The Wire didn't blow the competition out of the water initially, it has aged tremendously well and has only grown in fandom.

10. Omar Coming

Omar, The Wire

"Omar Comin' Yo!"

Few characters are introduced to fans in the manner of Omar. From the outset it's apparent how shrewd of an operator he is. The sheer terror etched on the faces of the street corner boys at the mere sound of his whistle drives home the fear and respect the world has for him.

Intelligent, cunning, charming, each of these attributes are presented in such a way that fans are drawn to his character. Despite his line of "work", Omar lives with a strict morale compass, choosing to not use profanity, harm innocent people, or use his weapon unless challenged. He's someone that the fans can side with as a person who is choosing to live the best way he can outside the confines of a broken system.

Michael K. Williams' performance is outstanding. The depth of character shown over each season adds layers to someone most shows would often treat as a common street thug. The emotional turmoil we see him battle through, the savvy methods he uses as he plans his next move, all come with a sense of vulnerability only adding to the intrigue of his story.

Omar is perhaps the most literary of all characters and even his death is poetic as it's a young boy who once fought to pretend to be him in a game with his friends who is the one to kill him. A stunning, marvellous character.

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