10 Things We Learned From The Star Trek Lower Decks Trailer

The trailer has finally arrived for Star Trek's latest incarnation, so what have we learned so far?


We've had our first look at Lower Decks now, thanks to the trailer that was released yesterday online. It is set to air on August 6th, 2020 on CBS All Access (no details have yet been released for a UK release, though hopefully Netflix will take up the reigns there).

The trailer was packed with lots of nice shots and enough character examples to give us a decent idea of who we will be dealing with. The trailer also opens with the glorious Jerry Goldsmith theme that will be familiar to so many fans, old and new alike.

The Cerritos is shown in her full glory, looking very nice after the initial reveal. We see each of the new characters, however briefly, and get a good idea of what it is they will bring to the show.

We see Borg! We see Bolians! We see Klingon.....architecture!

There is a lot packed into just over two minutes. Follow on for a break down below!


10. Introducing The USS Cerritos


When the USS Cerritos was recently revealed, there was a degree of uncertainty about the design. The ship features a large saucer section, something similar to the rounded design of the Ambassador class. The struts that sink below the saucer to attach the drive section seemed a little flimsy.

However, as often happens, once this design was seen moving in the trailer, there is a grace to it that might not have been apparent in the initial image. The nacelles seem sturdier than they may otherwise have seemed, with the small deflector dish/engineering section locking them together.

The design, once one gets over the difference from other, traditional Starfleet designs is a thing to behold. It does look as though a separated saucer section has been given its own nacelles, yet it is a very intriguing and fun design.

As a ship that has been tasked with so-called 'second contact', i.e. never having to do anything particularly important for the fleet, the ship does not have to have the advances of a Galaxy class, nor the military aesthetic of the Sovereign class. The Cerritos is an entirely new, funky design.

It looks great!

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