10 Things You Didn't Know About Firefly

Surprising facts from the 'verse.


In an ideal world, this look at some of the behind-the-scenes facts regarding the production of Firefly would be updated regularly to fit in any new snippets of information as the next season debuted.

Unfortunately, this world (but mostly Fox) sucks so Firefly was canceled after one glorious season. Do good things come in small packages? No, Firefly was amazing and it's hard to find a single person who watched it that thinks a one-season wonder is where it should have ended.

The stories of the creation of Firefly are almost as fantastical as the show itself. From real-life space trips, cunning plans to incorporate some of the most iconic headwear in TV history and multi-colored crossovers, all contribute to the almost mythical status of the show.

We may not ever get another live-action outing for Mal and the rest (due to the sudden but inevitable betrayal of Fox), but hopefully this insight into what made the show so magical will tide you over until something just as brilliant comes along.

There will never be anything as good as Firefly though, nothing better will ever come along. Ever.

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