10 Things You Didn't Know About Melissa Benoist

She's super, and she's a girl.

Unlike the superhero she portrays on-screen, there's no chance for Melissa Benoist to keep her identity a secret any longer. While she's been steadily working in film and TV for a number of years now, 2015 has seen Benoist ascend to fame faster than Kara Zor-El can fly, thanks to her leading role on the hit new CBS series Supergirl. She plays the titular character, giving us a wonderful example of just how well a female-led superhero project can work on the screen. She's also made headlines outside of the show as well, after US Presidential candidate Jeb Bush (a depressing thought, and I'm not even American) said that she was "pretty hot." Putting talk of her appearance to one side, there's no doubting that Benoist is extremely 'hot' right now. With Supergirl following in the footsteps of other successful Greg Berlanti shows Arrow and The Flash, smart money is on this series lasting a while yet, and Benoist's is very much a star on the rise. Indeed, a large part of the show's early success is due to her performance, because she's so thoroughly likeable in the role, bringing lots of awkward charm and humour and mixing it with some kick-ass action. Melissa Benoist's is a face we best get used to seeing a lot of on our screens in the future, so it's probably time to get to know her a little better...

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