10 Things You Didn't Know About The Expanse

9. The Ink

The Expanse

The neck tattoos we see sported by most Belters give us further clues to the history of The Belt and its resentment against the Inners.

They are part of the Belt's shared cultural heritage, a reference to the early vacsuits worn by their first rock-hopping colonists.

Poor quality suits, built and supplied by the Inners, most of them had faulty locking seals around the neck that would often breach. This left the user's skin exposed to vacuum, causing painful scarring in the classic jagged ring shape.

Some of the oldest Belters such as Anderson Dawes still bear the original scars, but for most the full neck tattoo takes its place. It remains a symbol for Belters, a reminder that, though equipment may have improved, they haven't forgot the dangers the Inners were willing to put them through for the sake of extracting the riches of The Belt.

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