10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About She-Hulk

9. Feeling Grey

She hulk
Marvel Comics

Having been critically injured by Thanos, Jen resurrected to the news that Hawkeye had killed her cousin, at Bruce’s request, and had been acquitted of the crime. Leaving superheroics behind again, Jennifer tried to focus on her law career. However, the stress of the ongoing second Superhero Civil War, instigated by Captain Marvel and Iron Man, caused her to change into a more heavily muscled but simple-minded grey form.

Becoming part of a new law firm, Jennifer was assigned the case of Maise Brewn, a recently changed Inhuman recluse whose landlord was threatening to evict her from her apartment. Despite Jen working her case, Maise grew impatient and created a fear golem that killed her landlord, a few police officers, and tried to kill She-Hulk. The golem was destroyed and Brewn was arrested.

She-Hulk nearly killed a Hulked-out man named Oliver if not for the intervention of her friend, Patsy Walker. After a confrontation with the Leader in She-Hulk #161, Jen was approached by self-help guru Florida Meyer who offered to help her with her issues. She took a special pill and had a confrontation with Thanos and her own Hulk persona in her subconscious. When she came to, she had destroyed the room but was in her green form again.


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