10 Things You Somehow Missed In Bob's Burgers

More than just delicious burger puns...

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Bob’s Burgers has been unfairly shunned to the side as one of the lesser adult sitcoms of the modern era, and it’s been going on for too long. It is actually one of the very few heartfelt comedy cartoons out there, which isn’t afraid to express the value of family and the importance of being yourself.

Whilst the Belchers often seem like the weirdest family on television, you really warm to them because of their realistic struggles and candid personality traits. The show’s ongoing narrative is based on Bob’s need to keep his business going, with him constantly getting a chance to become a greater success but then losing out on the opportunity.

As viewers, we get a satisfaction from the Belchers always ending up okay, no matter what situation they’re in. That’s why the series resonates with so many people – it presents you with a regular family and conveys the simple ups and downs of life that we call all identify with.

From pop culture references to unique characteristics, these are the details of Bob’s Burgers which went unnoticed.

10. The Inspiration For Philip Frond

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We’ve come to know Mr Frond as the quirky, nervous, slightly uptight guidance counsellor of Wagstaff school. His character settles in nicely with the odd and energetic atmosphere of Bob’s Burgers because of his unusual methods of counselling and the way he is easily manipulated by the school students.

The physical design for Mr Frond was taken from the character Michael Bolton, featured in the 1999 film Office Space. David Herman portrays both Michael and Philip, which is why their appearances are so strikingly similar, with the same hairstyle and glasses.

Another inspiration could be taken from the television show King of the Hill, which Herman has worked on, as Mr Frond is extremely similar to the unnamed instructor to Hank Hill’s anger management class in the episode The Texas Skillsaw Massacre.

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