10 Thrilling TV Moments When Characters Finally Learned The Truth

Secrets are the bread and butter of TV drama...

Secrets are the bread and butter of TV drama. Whether it's a concealed crush, secret identity or hidden betrayal, once we're over the shock ourselves we just can't wait for the game-changing confrontation which is sure to follow once the characters catch up. Unfortunately for us, writers know that too, so they milk the dramatic irony for all it's worth until we're on tenterhooks. Sometimes the tension is unbroken for years. Of course, all the frustration and anticipation is forgotten if the scene delivers the promised emotional gut-punch and turns the status quo upside down. This article explores some of the most thrilling moments in which characters finally discover the secrets we've known all along, and all of them were well worth the agonising wait. Note: The list includes both examples in which characters uncover a secret and also moments when the secret keeper is confronted by the recently enlightened character. All entries are naturally spoiler-filled.


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