10 Times Doctor Who Gave Fans EXACTLY What They Wanted

The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in the same episode? Doctor Who doesn't get much better than that.

Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor Matt Smith David Tennant
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As is the case with most movie and TV show fandoms, it's not often that Doctor Who fans are universally united in their appreciation of something.

Whether it's a Doctor, an episode, or even just a TARDIS interior, these topics are constantly debated in various corners of the internet, and with a show that's all about change, differing opinions are to be expected - even though the opinion that Hell Bent is a mess is clearly wrong, and it's actually a brilliant episode. Brilliant, we say!

Every now and then though, the stars will align, and something will happen that has just about every Doctor Who fan on the same page - that page being, "This is frickin' awesome," or, "I've waited years to see this - it's about damn time!"

From the long-awaited return of a fan-favourite character, to inside-baseball references that have us all pointing at the TV like that Leonardo DiCaprio meme, Who fanatics might butt heads on a lot of things, but we can all agree that the following moments are Doctor Who fan service at its finest.

10. Fully Exploring The Depths Of The TARDIS

Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor Matt Smith David Tennant
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Though the TARDIS has been around since the opening moments of the show, it wasn't until 2013 that we finally got to explore its labyrinthine innards in great detail.

The idea for Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS stemmed from Steven Moffat's frustration with the 1978 serial The Invasion of Time, which he deemed "disappointing" due to its depiction of the TARDIS interior (production issues forced these scenes to be filmed in a not-so visually impressive disused hospital).

As a result, Moffat wanted Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS to atone for what he thought was a lacklustre portrayal of the Doctor's iconic machine, and though you could argue that the episode doesn't go far enough in showcasing all the weird and wonderful sights lurking within, it nonetheless provided our most in-depth TARDIS experience to date - something fans had been hankering to see for quite some time.

The intriguing Architectural Reconfiguration Room, the huge TARDIS library, a blistering sequence set inside the Eye of Harmony, swimming pools, storage rooms, and more: it made the TARDIS feel as expansive as we were often told it was. The episode's main plot certainly could've been better, but the TARDIS element was a well-executed tribute to the Doctor's most loyal companion.

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