10 Times Futurama Eerily Predicted The Future

9. Smart Watches

Futurama Lucy Liu
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The first episode of Futurama introduced us to the year 3000, and with it came the technological and social advances as imagined by Matt Groening and the team of writers. From miles and miles on transportation tubes, to suicide booths and heads in jars, one thousand years in the future looked very different.

One such technological advance was worn by both Leela and the police officers that chased Fry through the city. The device, first labelled as 'this thing on my wrist' by Leela, before being properly titled as a Wrist Lo-Jack-a-mater, is for all intents and purposes, what we'd refer to today as a smart watch.

Over the course of the series, Leela has used her device as a phone, a radio, a game console, playing both pong and tetris, a way to use Facebook, and it seems to be able to find any information she needs it to find. Just like Google, but all she has to do is aim it at something.

In terms of such technology, the Futurama pilot in 2000 was way ahead of its time in predicting that the future would actually see people wearing this much potential power on their wrists.

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