10 Times Happy! Went Too Far

9. The Care Home Breakout - Blitzkrieg

Happy! Blitzkrieg

Trying to uncover the mystery of Sonny Shine’s rise to television fame, both Nick and Meredith’s investigation leads them to Alpine Memories Assisted Living Facility to interrogate Shine’s predecessor, Dayglo Doug, who’s been bombing on their stage for over two decades.

While uncovering more of the mystery, Nick does some more investigating around the facility and makes the shocking discovery that the facility houses retired Nazis.

When they’re discovered, the care workers and residents won’t let the pair leave peacefully. So, their only alternative is to fight their way out anyway possible. They use wheelchairs, gas tanks and whatever else they can to dispose of the cankerous war criminals. After the fight, we get a wide shot showing that Nick and Merry have killed everyone in the building but don’t feel too bad for them, they are Nazis after all.

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