10 Times Larry David Went Too Far On Curb Your Enthusiasm

9. The Ill-Advised Friendship

Larry David, sex doll

In this instance, at least Larry is honest. He befriends a sex offender and invites him round for Passover dinner, but he lets Cheryl know he’s done so. After the fact, of course, but in most instances Larry would likely try to hide the past crimes of his new pal for the sake of a quiet life.

Ever the shallow man, Larry befriends Rick because he helps Larry free a newspaper from a dispenser, claims to be a Seinfeld superfan, and later lets Larry play with his hi tech golf training equipment. But Larry only extends the holiday invite when Rick makes himself seem pitiful enough that LD has no choice.

It’s a case of Larry going too far in the interest of his own faith - he feels that no Jew should be left alone for Passover, and ends up jeopardising his own party with the discomforting presence of a sex offender, who later offers to give Susie’s daughter mouth to mouth.

Then again, he also arranges for his elderly neighbours to attend so that he can accuse another guest of stealing his newspaper, so Larry’s religious bonafides don’t exactly stand up to close scrutiny.


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