10 Times Star Trek Refused To Give Fans What They Wanted

Let's take a look at some of the most popular demands from Trekkies that never made it on-screen.

Worf Enterprise
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Star Trek has always had it's fair share of fan-service. When Trekkies really want something, the writers usually listen to them. However, throughout the franchise's long history, there have been a number of demands made by the audience that never materialised.

From legal battles with the fans, to potential TV shows that never happened, to simple missed opportunities, this list will be looking at some of the biggest examples of the production teams behind Trek going in a direction very different from what was wanted. We'll also explain the reasons they gave for these decisions (as long as a reason was given), some of which even resulted in petitions and letter-writing campaigns from the fans.

So, while some of the complaints from fans here may seem over-the-top or inconsequential (or even, at times, completely wrong), they really just show that the fans care very deeply for Trek, and want it to be the best that it can be.

10. Not Making A Titan Show

Worf Enterprise

At the end of Star Trek: Nemesis, Will Riker was finally given command of his own ship, the USS Titan, where he was going to serve with his wife, Deanna Troi. Unfortunately, we never got to see this ship in action until years later in Lower Decks.

Ensign Fletcher was promoted and assigned to the Titan briefly, before losing his promotion for dumping garbage into the warp core. Later, Brad Boimler was also transferred to the ship, which was an extremely action-packed posting, compared to life on the much smaller USS Cerritos.

An entire book series, Star Trek: Titan, was made about Riker's and Troi's adventures aboard the Titan. The ship design by Sean Tourangeau, originally appeared on the cover of 2007's Sword Of Damocles, the 4th book in this series. After Nemesis, fans dreamed that we would see a Titan TV series, but it looks like the crossovers with Lower Decks are the best we're gonna get. However, the show did feature Tourangeau’s Titan design, officially making it “canon”. With Riker and Troi appearing in Star Trek: Picard (first in season one, and now in the upcoming third season), there’s hope we'll hear more about their time on the Titan.

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