10 Times Star Trek Rewarded Audiences For Sticking With It

From The Next Generation to Discovery and Picard, Star Trek knows how to reward its fans.

Data Borg Queen

Let's be honest, not every episode of Star Trek is gold. It's statistically impossible when there are over 800 hours of content to enjoy, that each of them will be as good as the rest.

So, it's fair to say that Star Trek has a fanbase that has shown dedication. For every Yesterday's Enterprise and Year of Hell, there's a Justice, a Fury or even, worst of all, Turnabout Intruder.

However, the franchise has delivered to those who have stuck with it all the way. When the last episode of the Original Series is a sexist hour, it leaves the franchise in doubt. When the first big film fails to wow on the action front, the fanbase really starts to worry. Then, a certain sequel comes along, and all is well again.

There are quite a few cases of something like this happening, though thankfully Star Trek has rarely sunk to the lows that some of the Original Series has offered, although the aforementioned Justice could certainly give some of those episodes a run for their money.

With badass villains, rip-roaring comedy and pure nostalgia, these are the moments that were effectively a big old thank you to those that helped Star Trek stay alive.

10. Star Trek: Generations

Data Borg Queen

This film was always going to be the first movie of the Next Generation-era, so there were plenty of moments littered throughout for fans of that show to enjoy. However, the Star Trek movie franchise already had a fairly consistent fanbase that the producers simply couldn't ignore. Therefore, it had to be a bridging movie as well, featuring characters from the Original Series too.

The story of who and why is longer than this entry will allow, but suffice to say that both audiences - if indeed they were separate audiences - were given the cabin scene in the Nexus.

Captains Kirk and Picard finally come face to face, and it is wonderful. Here, Picard is already aware of the Nexus, while Kirk is still coming to terms with it. We get to see him adapting and learning, while also cooking and, later, horseback riding as well. They talk about what it means to be the captain of the Enterprise, before heading off for an adventure together.

Kirk's final fate may have left a sour taste in the mouths of some viewers, but this passing of the torch is as close to a perfect moment as possible. Ask anyone for a scene they feel doesn't work in the movie, and they're highly unlikely to pick this one.

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